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What to do with all of your books?

Tags: What to do with all of your books?

Do you have books, vases or ceramics lying around your home? What if you could take 10 minutes and become inspired to develop a bookshelf that you have only seen in magazines? Click on the site below and learn how to create interesting bookshelf designs by picking up colours in the room. By clicking on the icons within the site you can also see all of the different ways you can treat your mantel a...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

What is a TSSA and why do I need one?

Tags: What is a TSSA and why do I need one?

Homeowners must comply with the Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) in order for their fuel oil company to fill their oil burning appliance. TSSA applies to a furnace, oil tank, oil stove and chimney. Insurance Companies have cracked down on the oil companies who fill oil burning appliances to comply with a set of safety standards because of the numerous oil spills that have resulted fr...Read More

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The City of Kingston Municipal Home Ownership Program

Tags: The City of Kingston Municipal Home Ownership Program

The City of Kingston Municipal Home Ownership Program provides down payment assistance to residents currently renting and seeking to purchase a home within the City of Kingston or County of Frontenac.  The program rules and application process are set out below: Program Rules As listed in the following thirteen (13) bullet points: •  The funding is available only for down payment on...Read More

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Primary Heat Source

Tags: Primary Heat Source

A forced air furnace and electric baseboards are primary sources of heat. Secondary sources of heat are wood stoves, fireplaces and heat pumps. If you have electric baseboards please do not remove them from your home as you will be removing a primary heat source. Insurance companies will not insure a home unless it has a primary heat source. ...Read More

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Simple Homemade “Fall Off the Bone” Rib Recipe

Tags: Simple Homemade “Fall Off the Bone” Rib Recipe

Lay your ribs in a roasting pan and cover completely with approximately two cans of apple juice. Bake at 170 degrees for 8-10 hours. Remove from oven and let cool sufficiently to ensure they remain intact during relocation to the grill, where you can finish them on low heat. Baste the ribs with your favorite bbq sauce while finishing. Enjoy!...Read More

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What is a WETT Certification

Tags: What is a WETT Certification

A WETT Certification is an acronym for Wood Energy Technology Transfer Certification. There are companies that you may call who visit your home and determine if the set backs require for a particular woodstove comply with code. On the back of the woodstove you will find a metal plaque that has the distance requirements engraved. These distances need to be adhered to in order for your wood burning...Read More

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CIBC Promotion

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Say goodbye to your mortgage sooner with a great rate ...Read More

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Are you Heading South?

Tags: Are you Heading South?

Don’t forget to check with your insurance company or policy about the parameters regarding leaving your house vacant while you are off enjoying your much need break in the sun and the sand. It is probable that you will need to designate a person to check on your home to be in compliance with your insurance policy. Even if you are going away for three or four days you need to make sure you ar...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Should I Remove Family Pictures Before We List Our House?

Tags: Should I Remove Family Pictures Before We List Our House?

There are articles in newspapers and magazines that will tell you to remove your family photos before listing your house for sale. Be cautious of people advising you about your home when you are selling, especially if they are not in the real estate business. If you remove all family pictures then you have turned your home into a house, and not many Buyers want to buy a house. Buyers want to know...Read More

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De-Cluttering in the Spring

Tags: De-Cluttering in the Spring

Sometimes spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task. The best way to begin is to start with one closet, and after that one is complete, begin the next one. In order to de-clutter you need to start with a plan. A plan is to have four boxes. Label each box accordingly: 1. Garbage 2. Recycle 3. Keep (but take action as to where it belongs) and 4. Give Away. After you have de-cluttered your hall a...Read More