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Buyer’s Advice

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“After we moved into our house last fall we kept running out of hot water, then we noticed that the temperature on the hot water tank had been turned down. Once we turned the temperature up, however, we noticed a sulfur smell in the water. We were able to have the problem rectified but I thought that it might be a good piece for your newsletter that people buying should pay attention to this...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Use clear sugar water for your Hummingbird feeder

Tags: Use clear sugar water for your Hummingbird feeder

Added coloured dyes in most commercial hummingbird feeders have shown evidence of rupturing the tiny bird’s livers. Instead, use a coloured hummingbird feeder, but fill it with white sugar water. It is a myth that the coloured dye will attract the birds. The coloured feeder will suffice! Enjoy viewing these truly special birds at your feeders this summer! Learn more at Fish and Wildlife. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

What is an Encroachment?

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An encroachment is the act of encroaching on something and is best explained if you have a garden shed that is sitting half on your property and half on your neighbours property. The owner of the property that you are encroaching on can ask you to remove the shed. Your shed needs to be sitting within the setbacks allowed by the township that you live in. Squatter’s rights or possesionary rig...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Laminate Flooring

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It is easier to lay laminate flooring than install hardwood or ceramic flooring. One common mistake a “Do It Yourselfer” may fall pray to is lining up all of the lines when laying laminate. When you line up the lines across the floor,  that is where the eye tends to look. When you stagger the lines, like magic, the lines seem to disappear. While the 8mm is about half the price of...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Solar Panels

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If you are thinking of putting Solar Panels on your roof you should read the article below to get a better idea of what is involved. There are many questions that you would want answers to before committing to having the roof of your home rented. Currently, they will remove the panels once without charge during the contract should your roof need new shingles. They make a calculation of the curren...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

What’s Trending?

Tags: What’s Trending?

Most building departments have adjusted their code and are allowing hardwood floors to be installed in kitchens in new homes. Take a look at any design magazine right now and you will see them depict gleaming hardwood against dark coloured cabinets, or dark hardwood against light coloured cabinets. However, take this design scenario down the road five years and you might not be as impressed. Hardw...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

CMHC Appraisals

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As a Buyer you need to qualify with a banker so that you know how much you can afford to purchase.  If you are not putting 20% down, CMHC will have to approve your purchase. They approve your purchase by ordering an appraisal on the property. This process can take a few days to complete. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Water Wells

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People in the country could not survive without water wells. When selling, the first question a buyer asks is ‘how many gallons a minute is it’ and when you tell them, their second question is ‘is that good?’ It is not so much how many gallons/litres per minute the water well produces, it has to do with the depth of well, static level, and the recovery of the well. All of t...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Do Bathrooms Sell Homes?

Tags: Do Bathrooms Sell Homes?

Yes, if you are going to renovate your bathroom so that you may enjoy the space better, please keep resell in mind. You may want to pin down a budget before you hit the road to choose your finishes. There are so many designs and decorating choices out there that it can become overwhelming, and possibly expensive. First, choose fixtures that are the same colour. Next choose your wall tile for the t...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

POA vs Executor

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What is the difference between a Power of Attorney (POA) and an Executor. Can the person that I name POA also be my Executor? A POA is the person who will look after your affairs should you become incapacitated. The Executor is the person who looks after your estate once you pass, so yes, you can have the same person look after everything. ...Read More