By: Brandon Grant

Ceramic Tile

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Often while showing properties, I come across cracked ceramic tile in the entry, kitchen or bathroom. Poor installation of this product is almost always the cause for cracked tiles and grout lines. There are many YouTube videos available that can teach a home owner how to lay tile properly so that you will not have these kinds of problems. Here is the formula: Your subfloor represents 5/8’s...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Dear Brandon

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What is a fixture in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale? A fixture is a permanent component that is screwed or nailed down. It is an item that requires a great amount of time and effort to remove. Examples of fixtures are: light fixtures, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, rods and blinds on windows. A Realtor, however, will include the following as fixtures in the agreement: all light fixtures, bui...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Thinking of Renovating?

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We are noticing that when people renovate their bathrooms they are removing the tub and installing a shower in their main bathroom. This can often inhibit a sale as families with small children rely on the main bath to bathe their children. To renovate from a shower stall back to a bathtub may be too costly for a family to consider your home. When removing a tub you are changing your main bathroom...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Why do I need Title Insurance?

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Title Insurance not only protects your Title, but also includes 68 other types of protection. If you do not have a mortgage on your home you still need to have Title Insurance. You purchase it once for the home you have bought. For example, mortgage fraud is a possibility, and Title Insurance would protect you should this happen. Click here to learn about the additional benefits of Title Insurance...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Insurance Savings

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Did you know that your insurance rate is affected by how close you live to a Fire Station that has a Super Shuttle or Super Tanker? A Super Water Shuttle is a tank that carries water to fire.  If you live in the country, some of the fire stations will have a Super Water Shuttle. It is capable of pumping approximately 700 gallons per minute in order to get a fire under control or extinguished....Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Dear Rhonda

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We recently bought a house from you and are having trouble with the fridge that was included in our agreement. What can I do? Will the Seller fix it or do I have to fix it myself? Thanks, Bill Dear Bill,  The Seller would have “agreed that all chattels included in the purchase and sale is in good working order and will be in good working order on closing”. You have been in your n...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

What is Glamping

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Glamping is a new word used to describe people who buy trailers, gut them and glammer them up. It is for people who want to get out of the city for some summer weekends but don’t want to rough it. Above is a picture of my friends’ Glamper. It invites you to be there now! Karen Murray, Arts and Interiors. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Do I have to pay HST on my new home when I purchase?

Tags: Do I have to pay HST on my new home when I purchase?

Homes that have been previously lived in (resell) are not subject to HST. New construction, vacant land and the working portion of a farm are subject to HST. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Bridge Financing for When you Sell and Buy

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It can be quite stressful for Seller’s when they have to move out of their home by noon of closing day, in order for it to be ready for the new buyers to take possession. However, some closings can be later in the day. Sellers may be faced with five hours of waiting with children, animals and a truck full of furniture. Not a situation that most people would sign up for. Bridge financing is ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Kitchen Help

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We just bought a condo and as we discussed, the kitchen needs to be updated. Dark brown seems to be a fairly common kitchen colour. Should we consider that or is there a better colour? Whether you use dark brown or a light colour, you need to focus on keeping your cabinets classic with european hinges and up-to-date hardware. If you choose dark brown make sure your walls are a buttery colour, whi...Read More