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Kitchen Cabinets – how the trend started.

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Store owners often show two styles of doors in one kitchen display in their showroom. For the upper cabinets they will show a door with a curved inset and the lower set they will show a rectangle inset. When people ordered their kitchens, this is exactly how they ordered them. Cabinet styles were not intended to be mixed. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

What does meet code mean?

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In regards to Home Inspections, a home inspector might say that “the railing does not meet code.” For instance, the railing could be 32″ high and the code is 42″ high. This new information does not mean that the home owner or the buyer has to remedy this fact. The home inspector is simply stating code. It is up to the Buyer to bring the railing up to code if he/she wants to...Read More

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Different Types of Insurance when Purchasing a Home

Tags: Different Types of Insurance when Purchasing a Home

When purchasing, we will talk to you about “mortgage insurance” if you have less than 20% down. CMHC or Genworth are the companies who insures your mortgage for your financial institution of choice. In addition to that, we also talk to you about obtaining insurance for your new home during the conditional period in your agreement to purchase. This insurance protects your home from such...Read More

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Tarion Warranty

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A Tarion Warranty is a warranty that builders provide to clients who purchase a new home build. The warranty has an initial fee to the home owner (that is transferable) and covers a period of seven years.   If you are considering this type of project please contact us to assist you. Click here to learn more about the details of the warranty. More

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3rd Annual Golf Tournament

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Thank you to all of the Golfers and Sponsors that came out June 29th to Colonnade Golf Country Club to support Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre. This years official total is $6,640.55. We look forward to see you all next year at the 4th Annual Golf Tournament. ...Read More

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Front Steps

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To make your home more inviting and safer for your guests, ensure that loose steps, concrete or tiles are fixed and secure ...Read More

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Newspaper & Flyer Delivery

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If you have moved into a new home and you are not getting newspaper and flyer delivery you might be on the ‘do not deliver’ list. ...Read More

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Yummy Summer Delight – Southwest bbq Chicken Sandwich. So Simple!

Tags: Yummy Summer Delight – Southwest bbq Chicken Sandwich. So Simple!

Grill some chicken breasts on the bbq and fry up some bacon. While the chicken is grilling, toast sesame seed buns on the top rack. Start preparing your bun with these suggested fixings: mayo, bbq sauce, boston leaf lettuce, tomato, and red onion. Once the chicken is ready, lay some slices of marble cheese on it to melt. Assemble, grab a napkin, and enjoy! ...Read More

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Once a year, I usually write about the importance of using a dehumidifier in your basement during the summer months. Too much humidity may cause mould in your basement, and moisture on your windows. Using a dehumidifier during the summer will also help the performance of your air conditioner. ...Read More

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Kingston Rated Top Place to Retire

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Kingston, Population 123,363 Based on cost, access to healthcare and more, Kingston has made MoneySense Magazine’s list of top places in all of Canada to retire in for the past several years. Beautifully located right on the shores of Lake Ontario, Kingston has a walkable waterfront downtown. It offers all of the amenities of a thriving city: a dynamic arts scene, fine dining, and entertainm...Read More