By: Brandon Grant

Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

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The Canadian Government has cracked down on people sending marketing or other such mass emails (known as spam) to people they do not know and therefore have not received permission to do so. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

On Demand Hot Water

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On Demand Hot WaterPeople are getting rid of their 40 or 60 gallon hot water tanks and replacing them with on demand ones. Hot water is made instantly as you require it. It saves on heating bills as you are not keeping a full tank of water hot all of the time. They do need to be vented to an outside wall....Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Save on Energy–Energy Star

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Follow the link below to read about how you can do your part to save on energy. Downloadable coupons save on home products to help on conserving energy or protect from heat loss in winter, cold loss in summer. If you have an old fridge or freezer guzzling up electricity they will come and pick it up free of charge. Conditions apply. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Dear Brandon

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What is home equity? Home equity is the difference between how much is remaining on your mortgage and what the market value is of your home. Many people also ask the question ‘how can I build home equity’. The best way to build home equity is to keep your home well maintained. Another way is to remove carpets and install hardwood, renovate your kitchen and/or bathroom(s). Kitchens and ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Cigarette smokes affect on property value

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There are people who will not only not purchase your home, they may not even view it if it has the smell of cigarette smoke. I have shown up at a home with clients who can smell smoke before they even enter the home and turn around and walk away. It is difficult to get rid of the smell of smoke without removing carpets, washings down cupboards and repainting the walls. Some smokers have realized ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Your Home Documents

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When selling a home there are many items that a potential purchaser will be looking for. We cannot stress enough to a Seller the importance of keeping all documents that pertain to their home. Here are some examples of what a Buyer might be requesting to view: survey; water well report; septic documents; Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) report on oil appliance and tank; Wood Energy Te...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Ontario Renovation Grant for Seniors

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“As a senior 65 years or older in Ontario, you could qualify for a tax credit to help with the cost of making your home safer and more accessible….” Follow this link to see if you might qualify. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Do Not Call List

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Do you remember when legislation past a bill that if you were on the ‘do not call list’ that solicitors could not call you? Well, that was approximately five years ago. It is time to go to their website and update the telephone lines that you do not want solicitors to call you on. Please remember that Charitable Organizations, Government Surveys and Political Parties are exempt from th...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Dear Rhonda

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Do my wife and I have to have a Will written up or does everything in my estate automatically go to the remaining spouse and children? If you do not have a “Last Will and Testament” I highly recommend that you contact your lawyer and have one drawn up. However, your question is what if you do not have a Will and you have a remaining spouse and children. Not having a Will means that yo...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Beware of Door to Door Sales People

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There are people coming door to door selling hydro for a reduced rate. What they do not tell you is that, not only will you enjoy the reduced rate but you will pay it in addition to your current rate. Hydro One will bill them and they will bill you. It is only a three year contract. By the time the ‘consumer protected’ cancel a contract signed in your home expires (10 days) that is whe...Read More