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Roof Notes

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1. Check your roof for missing shingles after a wind storm. 2. Ask your insurance company to add “ice damning” to your insurance policy 3. Always have your roofer remove old shingles before installing new shingles. The new shingles will be able to last longer. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

W.E.T.T. Certificate

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WETT is an acronym for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. If you have a wood burning appliance in your home and you are putting your home on the market, you will be required to provide a WETT Certification to your Buyer. A buyer cannot obtain insurance for your home unless they have a valid WETT. Because laws can change around wood-burning appliance within a 5 year period, the WETT has to be no olde...Read More

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What is Bridge Financing and why would I ask for it?

Tags: What is Bridge Financing and why would I ask for it?

Bridge financing is an option for people who own a home and are buying a new one. It allows you to complete the sale of your new home earlier than the completion of your current home. Some people choose this option when there are renovations to do on the new home. The cost of the bridge is per day and is based on the current interest rate, and the amount of money bridged. In today’s market i...Read More

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What does meet code mean?

Tags: What does meet code mean?

In regards to Home Inspections, a home inspector might say that “the railing does not meet code.” For instance, the railing could be 32″ high and the code is 42″ high. This new information does not mean that the home owner or the buyer has to remedy this fact. The home inspector is simply stating code. It is up to the Buyer to bring the railing up to code if he/she wants to...Read More

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Different Types of Insurance

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When purchasing, we will talk to you about “mortgage insurance” if you have less than 20% down. CMHC or Genworth are the companies who insures your mortgage for your financial institution of choice. In addition to that, we also talk to you about obtaining insurance for your new home during the conditional period in your agreement to purchase. This insurance protects your home from such...Read More

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hat Time Do I Have To Be Out of My Home On The Day It Closes?

Tags: hat Time Do I Have To Be Out of My Home On The Day It Closes?

It is wise to be all moved out by the morning of closing. Homes in Kingston usually close before noon if there are no complications. Homes in rural areas usually close mid afternoon. ...Read More

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Tips On How To Pack

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PART 1 This is a three part series to help you prepare for your move. The Tools You Will Need: 1. You will need boxes and packing paper (U-Haul has these items). You can get free boxes from the liquor store, friends, and the grocery store; 2. Packing tape, permanent markers, and large white mailing labels; 3. Moving Sheets Where to start:   Places that you seldom use: 1. Under the stairs 2. C...Read More

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Airport Expansion in Kingston

Tags: Airport Expansion in Kingston

Expanding means a longer runway so that bigger planes can take off and land. Air Canada is currently the only game in town at the Kingston Airport. Once expanded people will be able to travel faster to Ottawa and Toronto to connect to bigger Domestic and International Flights. Travellers will enjoy larger planes and more choices on just who they want to take them to their destination. From the per...Read More

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Grey Continues to Trend in 2017

Tags: Grey Continues to Trend in 2017

From soft and romantic to earthy, airy and a touch of attitude for the youth, grey will still be trending in 2017. If you are thinking of freshening up a couple of your living spaces this fall take a closer look at what is coming up. ...Read More

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Preventative Plumbing Program

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Did you know that through Utilities Kingston you could qualify for up to $3,000 in financial assistance to undertake preventative work on basement flooding and wastewater. Find out more about this program. ...Read More