By: Brandon Grant


Tags: Dehumidifier

Each year I remind you to make sure that you run your dehumidifier in your basement. It is like an air conditioner where it removes moisture from the air. If moisture levels remain too high for too long of a period of time in your basements mould and mildew can develop. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Insulation in the Ceiling

Tags: Insulation in the Ceiling

Did you know that the insulation in your attic not only keeps the heat from escaping through the ceiling during winter but it also acts to keep cold air in during the summer cooling season. Code today is R50. R50 represents approximately 14 inches of insulation. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Can I put an Offer in on a new home before selling mine?

Tags: Can I put an Offer in on a new home before selling mine?

You can put an Offer in on another house when you already own a home. The Offer on the new home would have a condition in it that provides time for you to sell your current home. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Beware of Rent to Own – Furnace, Hot Water Tank, and Air Conditioner

Tags: Beware of Rent to Own – Furnace, Hot Water Tank, and Air Conditioner

We are hearing that door-to-door sales people are very aggressive in selling a package of “Rent To Own” mechanical’s for your home. They will put together a nice neat package for you. Each month you will pay a rental amount to the company with a very small portion going towards the actual purchase of the products. It all sounds like a great deal until you want to sell your home. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Final Walk Through

Tags: Final Walk Through

When purchasing, the last line of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale will say: “The Seller agrees to allow the Buyer a final walk through prior to the completion of this transaction”. The final walk through is a chance for the Buyers to have that final look prior to closing. They want to make sure that the property is in the same condition as it was when they last viewed it during the ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

What is An Allowance?

Tags: What is An Allowance?

If you are building a home or having renovations done by a builder, the builder will give you a quote with an allowance for flooring, cabinetry, lighting etc. You need to pay attention to these allowances because if you choose a material that costs more than what is quoted, you will pay the differences. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Our Landscape Is Changing

Tags: Our Landscape Is Changing

Have you noticed that there are an increasing number of solar panels in our fields? Perhaps, our farmers can’t make a living nowadays with livestock or cash cropping so they need to lease their fields out for the harvesting of energy? I am concerned, mainly because I wonder what will happen when the leases runs out. Who will remove these solar panels? What is the longevity? A homeowner ask...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Directing Water from a Down Spout

Tags: Directing Water from a Down Spout

I attended Canada Bloom last month and came across this brilliant idea of directing water away from your house.  The brown down spout at the top of the photo is where it the landscaping begins. It shows how the designer built a slow drop where eventually the water came to a ledge creating a small water fall. Ultimately, the water collected into another basin filled with pea gravel. One of t...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

I have a mortgage and want to buy another house how can I do that?

Tags: I have a mortgage and want to buy another house how can I do that?

If you have a mortgage on your current home you are still able to put an Offer on a new home.  Almost all Banks today allow you portability with your mortgage. Porting a mortgage means that you can take your current mortgage, and put it on your new home....Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Laminate Flooring

Tags: Laminate Flooring

It is easier to lay laminate flooring than install hardwood or ceramic flooring. One common mistake a “Do It Yourselfer” may fall pray to is lining up all of the lines when laying laminate. When you line up the lines across the floor,  that is where the eye tends to look. When you stagger the lines, like magic, the lines seem to disappear. ...Read More