By: Brandon Grant

Power Outage Kit

Tags: Power Outage Kit

In preparation for a power outage, create an activity with your family to put together a survival kit. Items such, long burning candles, canned foods, books, games, cards, snacks. bottles of water, and small individual flash lights for each member of the family will help until power is restored. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Air Conditioner and Furnace.

Tags: Air Conditioner and Furnace.

In preparation for the cold weather remember to cover your air conditioner. It is also a good time to have your furnace serviced to ensure optimal performance over the winter months. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Eaves Troughs and Downspout.

Tags: Eaves Troughs and Downspout.

Clearing leaves from troughs and adding extensions to downspouts will aid in keeping your basement dry throughout the fall rains.  During home inspections, the Home Inspector always discusses with homeowners the importance of this activity to protect the basement. SHARE ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Time to Change the Filter in Your Furnace

Tags: Time to Change the Filter in Your Furnace

Getting into the habit of changing the filter in your furnace every month helps increase its’ efficiency. Inserting filters that have high density fibres puts undue stress, on the motor, therefore, it is best to buy a package of three inexpensive filters. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

In law Suites and Secondary Suites

Tags: In law Suites and Secondary Suites

Adult children are teaming up with their parents by turning two households into one. Sometimes they both sell their current home and buy a larger one together. The home either has to have an in-suite for the parents, or be able to be renovated to include the suite. When shopping, it is critical that the potential suite has two forms of egress. An arrangement like this helps both parties, as each w...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Our Teams Advice to Sellers

Tags: Our Teams Advice to Sellers

Never ever give the keys to your house to the Buyers. Your lawyer is the only person who handles your keys. When the Buyers money is deposited your lawyers’ trust account, he will then release the keys to the Buyer’s lawyer. It is the Buyer’s lawyer who gives your Buyer’s your keys. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

More Than Just a Secured Load!

Tags: More Than Just a Secured Load!

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)  and City Traffic Police have been trained by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) officers to inspect vehicles and or vehicle and trailer combinations for inspection stickers. Annual inspection stickers are required for vehicles towing trailers that exceed a combined gross weight of 4500 kilograms. If you routinely pull a boat or trailer follow this...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Tags: Do I Need a Building Permit?

If you are thinking of doing some renovations in your home or even building a deck, we advise that you to call your municipality to inquire as to whether you will need a building permit. Chances are – you will! If you are planning on renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you will need a permit so that you may bring your complete area up to code. You will need to hire an electrician to update...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Small Propane Tank Costs

Tags: Small Propane Tank Costs

You might want to consider having a direct propane or gas line installed in your home so that you are not dealing with running out of propane when barbequing. Tanks have an expiry date and you will not be able to have your tank filled if that date has past. ...Read More

By: Brandon Grant

Urban with Contemporary

Tags: Urban with Contemporary

Most new builds and renovators are combining stone, wood, and brick with the clean cut lines of contemporary. For decades developers have been buying up old buildings and refurbishing them into condos or apartments. They developed a new look by using the original brick, stone and wood floors and combined it with a contemporary flare. Home owners have caught the bug and are now using that idea by ...Read More