By: Brandon Grant

What is a WETT Certification

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A WETT Certification is an acronym for Wood Energy Technology Transfer Certification. There are companies that you may call who visit your home and determine if the set backs require for a particular woodstove comply with code.

On the back of the woodstove you will find a metal plaque that has the distance requirements engraved. These distances need to be adhered to in order for your wood burning appliance to operate safely.

When you sell your home to a purchaser, the purchaser’s insurance company is going to require that an up-to-date WETT be performed on the wood burning appliance in order for the purchaser to obtain insurance. If a Seller does not comply with this, the purchaser may not be able to obtain insurance and if the purchaser cannot obtain insurance, then they will not purchase the home.

The cost of the WETT Certification depends on the company that you contact and the amount of work required in order to bring the wood burning appliance up to standards.

Fireplaces are not exempt. If you have a fireplace it will also have to comply with the standards set out by WETT.

As a purchaser you are able to purchase a home where the WETT has not been performed on the wood burning appliance.  An insurance company might agree to allow you so many days (sometimes 30) to provide them with a certificate. You may also choose to have the wood burning appliance removed.