By: Brandon Grant

What is a TSSA and why do I need one?

Tags: What is a TSSA and why do I need one?

Homeowners must comply with the Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) in order for their fuel oil company to fill their oil burning appliance. TSSA applies to a furnace, oil tank, oil stove and chimney.

Insurance Companies have cracked down on the oil companies who fill oil burning appliances to comply with a set of safety standards because of the numerous oil spills that have resulted from unsafe oil tanks or furnaces.

The technician who cleans and services your furnace at the beginning or the end of the burning season will conduct a check list. The Fuel Oil Distribution check list is filled out by the technician to make sure that everything is in compliance.

When a vendor is selling his home, it is important that the Seller have these documents available for the Purchaser because they will be required by the purchaser’s insurance company in order for them to obtain insurance.