By: Brandon Grant

Water Wells

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People in the country could not survive without water wells. When selling, the first question a buyer asks is ‘how many gallons a minute is it’ and when you tell them, their second question is ‘is that good?’ It is not so much how many gallons/litres per minute the water well produces, it has to do with the depth of well, static level, and the recovery of the well. All of this is important information. When purchasing, it is best to have a company perform a ‘flow test’ on the well so that you are sure that the well will produce enough water to satisfy your household needs.

Just as important as how much water, is the quality of water. To secure a mortgage these days you must produce a water bacterialogical anaylsis reporting that there is 0 E.Coli and 0 Coliform. It is recommended that all water wells have a ultraviolet light filtration system installed to ensure that the water well consistently provides this 0/0 count. Extreme and long periods of drought or many days of rain can upset the wells natural bacterial balance and can produce high counts on your water well test. A UV light damages the DNA of the bacteria as it does in humans, and prevents replication, thus, producing the 0/0 count.