By: Brandon Grant

Tips On How To Pack

Tags: Tips On How To Pack

This is a three part series to help you prepare for your move.
The Tools You Will Need:
1. You will need boxes and packing paper (U-Haul has these items). You can get free boxes from the liquor store, friends, and the grocery store;
2. Packing tape, permanent markers, and large white mailing labels;
3. Moving Sheets
Where to start:
Places that you seldom use:
1. Under the stairs
2. Closets
3. Unnecessary items that you won’t miss.
4. Items in your china cabinet that you know that you will not need between now and moving.
The key to the move: group similar items together, wrap and pack them in the same box, seal it up, and label it.
Categories are:
Kitchen, Dinning Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, 2nd Bedroom (or Child’s name), 3rd Bedroom (or Office), Basement Office, Rec Room. Within those categories use sub-categories:
Example: Dining Room, China Cabinet, FRAGIL
This exercise helps you and/or your movers set the boxes in the correct room in your new home during the actual move.