By: Brandon Grant

Solar Panels

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If you are thinking of putting Solar Panels on your roof you should read the article below to get a better idea of what is involved. There are many questions that you would want answers to before committing to having the roof of your home rented.

Currently, they will remove the panels once without charge during the contract should your roof need new shingles. They make a calculation of the current weight your roof is carrying and then add the weight per square foot for the solar panel. They also have to consider the pitch of the roof as well. It can become tricky if your roof is carrying this amount of dead weight, as snow will add to this. Another factor to consider is that the wind can slip underneath the panel and could start loosening it from the roof.

Should you want to sell your home, would you be able to assign the contract to your new buyer? How much will your insurance increase per year to cover potential claims from having the panels on your roof – would it offset the few hundred dollars you will gain from the rental? You might also want to check with your fire department to see if they have certain protocols in place to deal with solar panels.