By: Brandon Grant

Seasonal Wreaths

Tags: Seasonal Wreaths

One of my favourite things to see as we head into the fall and the season of merriment, is arriving at someone’s door and seeing a wreath. For as long as I can remember my mother-in-law Lorraine has displayed wreaths on her door to celebrate the holidays. I see this as an act of warmth, love and welcome and that is exactly what is exuding from inside. Can a wreath do all of that? It does for me, so I am going to hang a wreath at my front door this holiday season as a welcome message to all those visiting. If you would like to do the same please click on the link for ideas.

Each fall my mom Rita reminds me that she has saved a jar of choke-cherry jelly for me and each year I tell her it is my favourite. It is something that cannot be bought in a store. I love to enjoy it over the holidays with crackers, and cream cheese. My mom cannot supply all of my clients with a jar, so I am attaching a recipe that you might like to try. Love may be sent on in spirit.