By: Brandon Grant

Do Bathrooms Sell Homes?

Tags: Do Bathrooms Sell Homes?

Yes, if you are going to renovate your bathroom so that you may enjoy the space better, please keep resell in mind. You may want to pin down a budget before you hit the road to choose your finishes. There are so many designs and decorating choices out there that it can become overwhelming, and possibly expensive. First, choose fixtures that are the same colour. Next choose your wall tile for the tub / shower area as it is the next most decorative and permanent fixture. This will serve as a base for the rest of your design. Go ahead and purchase those 8 x 16 tiles for the floor (time to ignore the “small space, small tile” advice). Some people are choosing a floor tile for the shower or tub walls in addition to the floor. Then they insert smaller decorative glass or ceramic tiles approximately 6’ up the wall by running a 3” band around shower. An elegant finishing touch would be installing a niche and/or a soap/shampoo combination. If you are going to tile yourself, be sure to keep those grout lines small and close to the same colour as the tile.
The 33” tall vanities finishing at 34” are a nice updated version as opposed to the smaller styled vanities. Ensure that your counter top complements the tile that you have just purchased. Keep this in mind; warm tones are your beige, chocolates, and caramels, while cooler tones are: grey, grey/blues, and blacks. Choose one of those pallets and stay with it. Your faucets and towel holders need to be one finish as well. There are many finishes to choose from such as: oil rub bronze, brushed silver, or chrome, just to mention a few. For the final touches, introduce bold splashes of colour with towels, shower curtains, and window coverings that will bring your whole concept together.