By: Brandon Grant

De-Cluttering in the Spring

Tags: De-Cluttering in the Spring

Sometimes spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task. The best way to begin is to start with one closet, and after that one is complete, begin the next one. In order to de-clutter you need to start with a plan. A plan is to have four boxes. Label each box accordingly: 1. Garbage 2. Recycle 3. Keep (but take action as to where it belongs) and 4. Give Away. After you have de-cluttered your hall and linen closet start with a bedroom and make a decision with each item that you pick up. Here is the only rule: If you pick it up you must decide on an action.

It is also a good time to go through your fridge and check expiry dates on salad dressings, jams and anything else that is perishable. It is critical to check cereal boxes for expiry dates as well as pancake mixes, flours etc. These items can make you quite ill if you are consuming them past their expiry dates.

A task list is the best way to tackle the jobs and it helps you feel accomplished as you move from room to room. Give yourself plenty of time and lots of breaks, consistency will win this battle!