By: Brandon Grant

Ceramic Tile

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Often while showing properties, I come across cracked ceramic tile in the entry, kitchen or bathroom. Poor installation of this product is almost always the cause for cracked tiles and grout lines. There are many YouTube videos available that can teach a home owner how to lay tile properly so that you will not have these kinds of problems.

Here is the formula: Your subfloor represents 5/8’s plywood, usually fir, good one side. It you have rolled goods on your existing floor, it means that you have 1/4″ mahogany laid over the fir plywood. In this case, you only need another 1/4″ mahogany laid on top of that to create 1″ subfloor. Rent or buy a electric screw gun and pepper the floor with screws, one screw every 4″ every way. You are creating and ensuring no movement occurs after installation. Do not nail the floors together as nails can wear and pop. Once your substrate is ready, buy a 1/4″ notch trowel, and cement adhesive with polymer modification and watch this video on how to install flooring correctly.

GROUT LINES: People tend to complain that their grout lines get dirty often. This tends to happen if you purchase regular floor grout. We use Kerapoxy Grouting to ensure the grout lines remain clean. It is a grout that is as impiverous as the tile itself.

Rhonda is a flooring specialist.