By: Brandon Grant

Bridge Financing for When you Sell and Buy

Tags: Bridge Financing for When you Sell and Buy

It can be quite stressful for Seller’s when they have to move out of their home by noon of closing day, in order for it to be ready for the new buyers to take possession. However, some closings can be later in the day. Sellers may be faced with five hours of waiting with children, animals and a truck full of furniture. Not a situation that most people would sign up for.

Bridge financing is available for you to take advantage of and since interest rates are so low, it is now very affordable. Ask your mortgage person for the total amount to bridge for 7 days. Your lawyer will charge an administration fee to expedite this for you.

It can be quite overwhelming, even for the most organized. It is very emotional for many families leaving a home with many memories, combined with the excitement of starting fresh in a new home. Time is what the family needs to make this transition as smooth as possible.